My music related services

You like my work and wonder if I could help you out with anything? That’s fine, let’s talk about what I could do for you.

Music Promotion

You’re a musician yourself and would like to have your music promoted or advertised?

I offer the following two services:

  • Textlink or Banner with dofollow-backlinks on the main site, on the blog or both places (starting from 5 døllars a month – I make special offers for longer periods)
  • Promotional article about you or your project on my blog (up to 300 words, you deliver the text), with up to 5 images, 3 links to videos or audio files, and 1 backlink to your site or facebook profile, soundcloud profile, etc (one time order – 5 døllars)

To make an inquiry, order or simply ask for details, click here to contact me.

Music teaching / advice and criticism

As you might have read in the “about me” section, apart from being a professional musician, I work part-time as a music teacher (classical guitar) and offer the following services:

  • Opinion and advice on your classical guitar interpretation or technique
  • Help with music theory or history
  • Opinion and constructive criticism for improvement on your music tracks

For more information on any of the above services, click here to contact.

Music collaboration and production:

You’re a musician and want to collaborate with me? Or are you working on some other kind of production (like a movie, a video game, anything) and need a soundtrack or theme song? Check out what I offer below and then make a direct inquiry by clicking here.

  • Produce a song together (example: you do the vocals, I do the rest. Or: you record the drums track, I play the guitar part. Just tell me what you imagine. If I like your idea and your work, I’ll probably accept and logically this won’t cost anything neither for your nor for me.)
  • Produce YOUR song (this is like what I propose on the other page – “Music from my friends”. I propose two possible ways: 1. you only have a score and I do all the rest. 2. you do the most of it, but need an electronic percussion track, for example. This service might be paid or free, depends on what you propose (could be a mutual collaboration, or promotional support offered in exchange).
  • Remix your song (I will only do it if I like your track and this obviously is going to be for free. The remix will be published in the “Music from my friends” section.)
  • Compose and produce a track or song for your project (I might not accept all proposals and depending on the magnitude of your project, this might not be cheap.)

Sound engineering

I have to “warn” you that I don’t have any certification regarding sound engineering, so I can’t say I’m a professional. But I do have some experience and all my tracks on this site have been recorded and mastered by myself, so if you like them and need a quick sound engineering task done but don’t want to pay as much as necessary for a studio or professional engineer, contact me. Please take in mind that any recording task can only be done in the region where I live (Algarve, Portugal).


I’m a hobby photographer owning a semi-professional digital SLR camera and am willing to shoot photos for you, more specifically of anything you want on the Algarve – Portugal, as long as it is not illegal, very hard to find or dangerous or cost anything for me. Contact me for inquiries.


Some of the services I offer can also be found on (click here to check out my gigs) where you can also see examples of my work or at least read quite a lot of feedback.