►Forever Love

On the 25th of October, after a long and a quite anxious wait on a very rainy day, at 19:45, my wife gave birth to our first son.

He was born perfectly healthy and beautiful, eyes wide open and crying on the first second, with 3205 g and 49.2 cm, we called him Pedro Jacinto and immediately fell in love with him.

Now it’s been one week that we left the Hospital and it has been a great adventure, absolutely fantastic, and everything is going well, despite all the little moments of tension / worries and lack of sleep.

I know this is not really adequate on here, but it is such a special and unique moment in your life, it simply has to be shared.

Becoming a father definitely changes you for the better and makes you more complete.

P.S.: I don’t publish a foto of him, because for several reasons I believe it is a bad idea, afterall you never know who is around on the internet…

P.S.2: the title of this post was borrowed from the name of a song by Bezegol, that I have known for some time and really like the lyrics, here they are:

Still remember like it was today,
On my nerves till the nurse came and say:
“your baby’s born everything is o.k.,
Momma’s good you will see them right away.”
Standing next to the door i wait,
Any second its a minute late,
And i wait, and i wait, always wait for you,
To give you my love, and my love is true.
Letting you know i’m always on your side,
No matter the loops that my life goes by.
You know sometimes don’t go like we planned,
But what i need is you to understand,
That dad is doing all the best he can,
So you may grow and be proud of him.
There’s no god in the sky’s above,
Coz for you i have forever love.

What may come in your life for you to conquer…
The quest is to remain stronger.
Watch your steps, don’t get mislead.
The everyday battles are the ones you make your own bed,
Son! i never wanna see you on the run.
From times we together please pay attention.
And listen to the story of my life,
I know its hard past but from me you know it right. aight!
Forever love, keeping our relation tight,
Life struggle. you can count on me on to fight.
Whenever you may need me son, you know that ll be there,
Whatever may be the problem son, you know that i don’t care.
More then a shinning star,your are the light that i see,
I want you to know that you are everything to me.
No mountain high enough, no god up above.
Sincerely yours your father, son.
Forever love.