►Google’s latest Doodle: Star Trek

Today is the 46th anniversary of Star Trek. Although I’ve always been a big fan of the Star Trek Universe, I didn’t know that, so it really was a surprise to open Google and see their latest Doodle about Star Trek. Which is funny and cute, actually. So, I couldn’t resist to take a screenshot and write a blog post, so that none of my readers should miss it :)…

Star Trek Google Doodle
Star Trek Google Doodle

As usual, the Doodle is interactive, so you can explore the scenary and actually “go on a mission” (including the famous transporter which beams the onto some weird planet far away with a strange creature on it that you have to defeat…)

Other elements of the picture make play some of the characteristic sounds from the original series.

For those not familiar with the Star Trek Universe, here are some links:







Now, go check out the Doodle live on Google’s startpage.





2 thoughts on “►Google’s latest Doodle: Star Trek

  1. Eheheh.

    Muito engraçado, realmente.
    Eu não sou assim grande fã, ou melhor dizendo, conheço demasiado pouco de Star Trek para me poder pronunciar. No entanto, reconheço que a imaginação deles foi incrível, e esta “aplicação” estava super engraçada.

    Continua a publicar estas coisas!!


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