About this chill out music project

  • What will you find on this site?

Music, different music, independent music, chill out music, instrumental music, even more music, ideas about music, links to music, etc…

So, if what you’re looking for happens to be cooking receipts, DIY videos, sports news, or even music by commercial artists, then I’m sorry to inform you, but you came to the wrong place 😛

  • What’s the purpose of this site?

It’s the home of the Jammin Squirrel, oh well… no, really, the idea is to be the place where I publish my music, and let it out to the world, out to YOU, and maybe (one day) it’ll be a way to connect to other musicians around the world who like the world of chill-out and ambient, electronic but also acoustic sounds…

  • …now come on!! And what about this squirrel-thing and this project and all that???

It’s an artistic name I “claimed” (no, I don’t usually ask), for me, or maybe it’s only for this project, I don’t know, but one day YOU might know.

This project was started in 2010, with the aim of mixing different worlds and styles, with a common mission: music that might be a little different (or not).

The idea is to start producing my own music, composing and recording myself but also by invitating other musicians and with a little help by technology.

The objective for now is to produce several singles over time, so that one day I may release an album.

My idea is to mix instrumental, classical, electronic and improvisational parts, aiming for chill-out / downtempo or even ambiente music.

  • BUT!! You still didn’t explain what’s about this…!! ermm… Jamming Squirrel??!

Ok, I’ll explain… Btw, it’s “Jammin Squirrel”, dude… sounds way more cool… 😛

It was one of the possible names I came up with that I liked most, and when I googled it, to be sure I wouldn’t use a name that someone else already claimed, I found a very funny and well-done Commercial, the video can be found at Youtube: here .

That’s where I was inspired to really use that name, and make that funny logo up there… Enjoy ;)… Ah, and I’m not associated with them, and you don’t have to buy their products, ok?

So, did I now answer all your questions? If not, feel free to contact-me, with the link on your left.

  • Wait! I found some funny (or interesting) sites or people that somehow could relate to your artistic name, should I tell you?

Absolutely! 🙂 It’s always nice to find out that the name one has chosen, at least partially has been used already, finding sometimes very funny or, for a change, very interesting and serious projects or people.

So, if you find something, tell me. Here is the list of them all (starting with what I found myself searching around):

–> Jamming Robots from the Squirrel Hill man (About a 18-armed tireless drummer or robots playing instruments)

–> Squirrel Jam: 12 Songs About Squirrels (One of them is called “Mississippi Squirrel Revival”)

–> B.r.i.a.N the Super Slammin..Jammin Squirrel (Someone on myspace who says “a squirrel’s work is never done”. Will he accept my friend request? 🙂 )

–> Ummagumma (Review about a Pink Floyd album, where one song seems to be “consisting of music produced by a bunch of jamming squirrels”)

–> Squirrel Products (Jammin Squirrel Productions got listed on this site from animal snap… nice! (or not? Well, I think it’s funny…)