►On the state of things

Just a quick post to keep my readers up-to-date and make sure nobody might think this blog could be dead.

So, after my marriage (which was fantastic) and a short honey-moon (that also was great), we’ve been alternating between a few different places (our parents’ houses and an apartment where we’re temporarily installed), so it hasn’t been easy to arrange any time for this blog or even my site. It feels a little like as if we were nomads ;)… It’s nice in one way, and difficult in the other. But it has been the best compromise for both of us at this beginning of our new life together.

Anyway, everything is going to change again very soon, this time “for real”, as we’re going back to work and we will rent a little apartment or something, just for us.

Then, hopefully I’ll have a little more “facility” (be it time or place) to continue posting to this blog with regularity, like I was doing before.

I’d even like to give you a little glimpse on what’s coming…

I am thinking of writing a “listening suggestion”-episode about chill-out music, but it’s going to be extended, I want to cover several artists.

Also I’d like to write the first post related to professional audio production: I just managed to get enough free time to update my workstation to a brand new operating system aimed at audio production.

So, make sure to stay tuned, and if you’re not yet subscribed to the RSS feed, or by Email or NetworkedBlogs, be sure to change that right now, so you get immediately informed when I post anything new 🙂