►Interesting music service

Wanted to share with you an interesting (and quite innovating) music service I discovered some days ago.

It’s called “Ramen Music” and is based on subscription, so it’s like if it was a magazine but instead of articles, its issues (released every two months) feature hand-selected tracks of all kind of styles.

They request us artists to submit our music, and upon acception you receive a fixed value per track which depends on the number of subscribers they have (at the moment it is 150 dollars which is not bad at all, considering you give them only a non-exclusive right of distribution only in their system).

So I submitted two of my tracks (“3 Feet and 1/2” and “Bossa das Pedras”), wish me luck! 🙂

And I thought it would be a good idea to share this opportunity…

So here’s the link to them: Ramen Music